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Begin the Fugue, Part I

The past few months have been pretty exhausting. On top of all things lockdown and the global pandemic, a little over a month ago I was told that my job was “at risk” of redundancy.

Begin the Fugue, Part II

Vocationtional Vicissitudes After existing in this bootcamp space for the past few months, I feel like I am walking away with a very fresh take on what it means to teach in a vocational, rather than a liberal arts setting.

Begin the Fugue, Part III

What’s Next Having coached many people to apply and get their first jobs in the world of data science, I have now seen A LOT of job postings and understand that a JD (job description) is more of a wish list of an ideal candidate rather than a required listing of skills.

Hire Me (as a Data Scientist!), Part IV

Since this is my last post in the beer review series, I’ll keep this short and sweet in terms of analysis.

Hire Me (as a Data Scientist!), Part III

Two questions down, two to go! For the third post I’ll explore the question: