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The MeloSol Corpus

Earlier this month I learned some of the research from my dissertation was accepted for publication! Publications are always reason to celebrate, but this one is especially deserving because of the amount of work that went into this project.

Back to Musicology

Sound the TROMPA After a few weeks looking for work, in September I will be starting as Senior Research Associate on the TROMPA project! The project is a collaboration between a few different universities, but I will be working out of Goldsmiths, University of London.

Begin the Fugue, Part I

The past few months have been pretty exhausting. On top of all things lockdown and the global pandemic, a little over a month ago I was told that my job was “at risk” of redundancy.

Begin the Fugue, Part II

Vocationtional Vicissitudes After existing in this bootcamp space for the past few months, I feel like I am walking away with a very fresh take on what it means to teach in a vocational, rather than a liberal arts setting.

Begin the Fugue, Part III

What’s Next Having coached many people to apply and get their first jobs in the world of data science, I have now seen A LOT of job postings and understand that a JD (job description) is more of a wish list of an ideal candidate rather than a required listing of skills.

Life after a PhD in Systematic Musicology: How You Might Prepare for Industry?

This post originally appeared on the SysMus blog on June 9th, 2020. Find the original post here. Introduction You don’t get to be a grad student forever. At some point, you will take everything you’ve been working on in the past however many years, bundle it into a few hundred page document, defend it, and be immensely proud of the fact that you completed a doctoral degree on the topic of systematic musicology.

Regression Modeling Strategies 2020 Review

A couple of weeks ago I attended Dr. Frank Harrell’s Regression Modeling Strategies course. I wanted to use the chance to write a short post on some of the key takeaways that I got from the course for my own sake and just keep on my practice of writing every day.

RStudio Instructor Certification Thoughts

I have always tried to live by the adage that if you are going to do something, you should try to do it well. For the past eight or so months at Flatiron School, what I have been doing is teaching.

Blog on (Data Science) Blogs

We’re nearing the point of saturation when it comes to data science blogs. The amount of reccomended Medium, Towards Data Science, Analytics Vidhya, or whatever website you can post to articles that come up on my suggested reading on my phone is unending.

Prelude to a Career

It’s been two months since I’ve last blogged! In the time since SMPC, I’ve done a fair bit of traveling and officially closed the graduate student chapter in my life.