Hire Me (as a Data Scientist!), Part IV

Since this is my last post in the beer review series, I’ll keep this short and sweet in terms of analysis. Having done all of this, I do have a few reflections I would like to share after doing the One-Size-Fits-All-Data-Science Interview that I have included at the end.

Hire Me (as a Data Scientist!), Part III

Two questions down, two to go! For the third post I’ll explore the question: Which of the factors (aroma, taste, appearance, palate) are most important in determining the overall quality of a beer?

Hire Me (as a Data Scientist!), Part II

Continuing on from my earlier post, I’m now looking to tackle the question: If you had to pick 3 beers to recommend using only this data, which would you pick?

Hire Me (as a Data Scientist!), Part I

Background I read Medium blog posts on “How to Become a Data Scientist” more often than I care to admit. Much of this comes from a fear that after doing all this work on the PhD and then hitting the Music Theory job market, I won’t fit the mold of the kind of theorist most schools want to hire.

Looking For Musicologists on Twitter

For the most part, Twitter is full of garbage. But I’m an optimist and a firm believer in Sturgeon’s Law so by that logic there must be some good on it.

Calculating iMultisets in R

November is pretty much the worst month for people in higher education. There are too many deadlines and if you’re still in coursework (like myself) you have essays to write, presentations to make, and a backlog of homework assignments to grade.